About Mafia Wars

Mafia Wars is the #1 crime genre game with over 7 million players playing daily. Mafia Wars is part of the Zynga family of games. Zynga is the #1 social gaming company on the web. Zynga was founded specifically to add a social element to casual online games because we love games, and we love them most when we're playing with friends! Social games provide a more fun, competitive and contagious experience. Click here to play.
  • Hi Mobsters!

    Tired of missing your daily collection? Fed up forgetting to collect your Event? We listen to you!

    Get “Quick Trigger” now!

    Zynga’s official Chrome Extension for Mafia Wars. As soon as you will install “Quick Trigger”, a little Mafia Wars Icon will appear on your Chrome browser.



    You will be able to:

    •    Go directly to the Mafia Wars game on Facebook

    •    Stay up to date with current events (VP, Missions, Crafter’s choice, etc…)

    •    Check timers for top events (Quest, Challenge mission, etc…)

    •    Collect your free daily community reward and much more

    Don’t wait; it’s just there for you!

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    -The Mafia Wars Team

  • Mobsters,

    One of our dedicated Mafia Wars Families, OMERTA V will be celebrating their 3rd Year Anniversary this weekend. Thank you for being our loyal players! 

    To celebrate this occasion, Zynga and Mafia Wars is giving away a special Limited Edition item, Tickler (309  Attack / 243 Defense ) to all the participants and 10 RPs each to the top ten players who compete in a mock war. The mock war is scheduled from Aug 15, 5 PM EST - Aug 17, 5 PM EST, 2014.  Register here!


    If you are part of a Family celebrating their birthday, ( third anniversary and above), let us know so we can help you have a mock war to celebrate your Family's loyalty to Mafia Wars. Fill out the form here ---> http://zynga.tm/bjJD

    Keep Playing Mafia Wars ----> http://zynga.tm/rs0Y

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    -The Mafia Wars Team

  • Mobsters,

    We’re excited to bring to you another edition of Family Business.

    Build your family and prepare for all the action ahead. Undertake goals based on active family members and earn corresponding Rewards.

    To be eligible for this upcoming event, make sure you are part of a family before the event begins.

    If you haven’t joined a family yet, now would be the best time.

    What are you waiting for? Keep your Families close as you prepare for this exciting event on Mafia Wars.

    Watch out for new and fun events in Mafia Wars, coming your way soon!

    Family Business

    Play Now : http://zynga.tm/dhWj

    -The Mafia Wars Team

  • Hey Mobsters!

    Are you ready to try your Luck? We are looking forward to meet you to our Daily Shuffle Reward!

    We will give you a Free Card every day. Yes, every day you can get very lucky and win some fantastic prizes!

    Wonder how to play? Very easy Mafioso’s!

    You will have a board with 9 cards. Shuffle the cards, and then pick one to discover which Item you won:



    You can share your prize on your feed with 5 of your friends. You can also collect from 5 of your friends’ prize every day. 


    Are you feeling really lucky today? Let’s try your chance again!


    For 3 RP’s: you shuffle again


    For 8 RP’s: it’s the Mega Shuffle. You will be assuring to pick 1 card among the 5 best rewards.



    Good luck Killers!

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    Keep Playing Mafia Wars http://zynga.tm/c0v

    -The Mafia Wars Team

  • Mobsters,

    The new Limited Time Property – Oil Rig is here!

    Collect parts from your friends and upgrade your Oil Rig all the way to level 15!

    Here, you'll be able to build awesome loot, including Troubled Waters (211/259) + 6 Stamina (at Level 15) as you upgrade the property with the help of your Mafia sending you upgrade parts!

    Based on the feedback from our players, we have made a few changes to the way you can collect parts for this Limited Time Property.

    You can now publish a feed request asking for parts every 2 hours (unlike every 8 hours in the previous Limited Time Properties).

    Every feed post can give you up to a maximum of 6 parts, as your Mafia helps you by clicking on them. However, please note that you cannot collect more than 36 parts from the published feeds on any given day.

    For example: If you published continuous feeds every 2 hours and have been successfully receiving 6 parts for each one of them, you will hit the maximum cap of 36 parts with your 6th feed post and will not receive further parts for the rest of the day, until the daily timer resets.

    The daily timers for Oil Rig will reset at midnight PDT every day.

    Oil Rig

    Click to play!

    -The Mafia Wars Team

  • Mobsters,

    Based on your feedback last week, we made some changes to the Family Leaderboard.

    With this change, you will be able to see all your Family members for each area, i.e., Helper, Jobber, Damage / Ices and Property.

    You will also see a bronze, silver, gold star or a star place holder against each Family member.



    We look forward to your feedback in the comment section below!

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     -The Mafia Wars Team


    Attention Mobsters!

    Confectionary Crates are here! Check out the 8 items we've boxed up in the Marketplace!

    Confectionary Crates


    Get your desserts! Great loots up for grabs. Three times the chance of winning great loot!

    Visit the marketplace now to get Confectionary Crates!

    -The Mafia Wars Team

  • Mobsters,

    We have granted 1 Head Shot to all the participants of ΨL¥CAήSΨ 5th Anniversary Birthday Bash!

    Additionally, the top ten winners have also received 10 RPS each.

    Mock War Prize Grant

    Thank you for organizing this wonderful event!

    -The Mafia Wars Team

  • Hi Mobsters,

    We are giving away a special item today! Build the Banco Dorado in Mexico with a FREE Vault Door!

    http://zynga.tm/giBl <-- Claim your FREE Vault Door!

    Hurry, this offer is valid until 23:59 on July 21st 2014, PDT.


    To collect your daily free incentives, visit our fan page.

    -The Mafia Wars Team

  • Lucky_Steak_1


    Try your luck in Lucky Streak with FREE SPINS from July 17-18, 2014, 23:59 PDT to win exclusive items!

    Is today your lucky day?

    Here's everything you need to know about this event.


    Go Spin!---->http://zynga.tm/elIC

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    -The Mafia Wars Team