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  • Ice opponents on the fight list to earn Pennants and score Reputation Badges to win cool rewards.

    UPDATE (Nov 20, 2013 5:30 AM Pacific Time): We have updated the Slaughter Season and have increased the number of Pennants which you can earn by Icing opponents in the game.

    From now, you can earn the below number of Pennants by Icing opponents in the Game:

    - Earn 2 Pennants per Ice by Icing an Easy opponent 

    - Earn 5 Pennants per Ice by Icing a Medium opponent 

    - Earn 8 Pennants per Ice by Icing a Hard opponent

    - Earn 1 Pennant per Ice by Icing a Miniboss


    Q: What is Slaughter Season?
    Slaughter Season is atype of Ice Season in which you need to earn Pennants by Icing opponents to build your reputation and score Reputation Badges. 

    Reputation Badges
    The Reputation Badges in Slaughter Season are similar to the Ice Seasons. Ice opponents on Fight List to earn Pennants and build your reputation each week.

    There are five mastery tiers (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Ruby, and Diamond) and each have five levels and thus a total of 25 badges.

    At the end of each season, your badge ranking will be determined by the number of Pennants you earned for that week.

    Q: What are Pennants? How do I earn them?
    Pennants can be earned through icing opponents in any City and are required to earn Reputation Badges.

    This is different from the normal Ice Season where Ices are directly counted for the progress and earning of Reputation Badges.

    In order to earn Pennants, find and Ice opponents on the Fight List.

    Once you successfully Ice an opponent, please click on the close button to view the Pennants earned from that particular fight.

    Q: How many Pennants can I earn for Icing each opponents?
    As you may notice, the Fight List now shows you the difficulty Level of the opponents.

    The Number of Pennants you can earn by Icing an opponent depends on their difficulty level.

    Below are the numbers of Pennants you can earn through the various difficulty levels of the opponents:

    ·         Earn 2 Pennant per Ice by Icing an Easy opponent 

    ·         Earn 5 Pennants per Ice by Icing a Medium opponent 

    ·         Earn 8 Pennants per Ice by Icing a Hard opponent 

    ·         Earn 1 Pennant per Ice by Icing a Miniboss


    Q: Would the Ices earned in the Arena help me earn Pennants?
    A: No. The Ices earned through the Arena will not be counted for earning Pennants in the Slaughter Season.

    Q: Is there any change in the way Reputation Badges and Rewards work?
    The Reputation Badges and Rewards will continue to work similar to the Ice Seasons. Mastery Tier items will automatically drop in fights when you earn enough Pennants.

    The more Pennants you have, the higher your reputation will be. There are 25 Reputation Badges starting from Bronze to Diamond

    You will receive a Grand Prize at the end of each season depending upon the total Pennants earned during the season.

    Below are the various Tier Rewards:



  • Gear up for the biggest Family Feature yet!

    Heed the Boss:



    So if you haven’t joined a family yet, now would be the best time.

    What are you waiting for? Keep your Families close as you prepare for an exciting new Event on Mafia Wars.

    Keep playing Mafia Wars!

    -The Mafia Wars Team.

  • Dear Players,

    We have received enquiries from our players about not receiving free Spins for the Lucky Streak event.

    Please note that Free Spins are available as a limited time offer only and may not be available every day while the event is running.

    Please click here to read the FAQs.

    Free Spins were available for Lucky Streak for the first 14 days during the event.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    -Mafia Wars Team

  • Limited time opportunity to reclaim your VIP Membership benefits level !

    Renew your VIP Membership on or before November 7th, 2013 and continue your VIP Membership benefits level from where you left off before last cancellation.

    For example: If you were at Ruby level of VIP Membership benefits and cancelled the subscription due to any reason, you can re-subscribe and continue from the same level and continuous months of progression, instead of starting all over again.

    Additionally, 30 Skill Points and a Parole Officer will be granted to your account as a special reward upon successful re-subscription.

    Please note that these additional rewards (30 SP and the Parole Officer) will be granted on November 8th.

    If you think that your VIP Membership progression is incorrect after re-subscription, please enter your information in the form below and we will have a look at it:

    Thank you once again for supporting Mafia Wars!

    -Mafia Wars Team
  • Congratulations to our VIP Members for unlocking the Titanium benefits.  We thank you for being a loyal Mafia Wars player and your support for the game.

    Reaching the Titanium VIP membership rewards you with a grant of additional 200 Reward Points and a total of additional 7,000 Mafia Attack and Mafia Defense.

    Titanium VIP benefits also include a free Harbinger of Destruction (472/472)* – The most powerful item in Mafia Wars along with a total of +225 Personal Attack and +225 Defense as long as you stay subscribed.

    We will be rolling out early access to some game features  for Titanium VIP subscribers very soon.

    There are more surprise rewards and new tiers with additional benefits coming up !

    Stay subscribed and stay tuned!

    -Mafia Wars Team

  • Greetings Mobsters, Today we unveil Mob Fury on Mafia Wars!


    This Feature will enable you to form teams and take on your opponents in the Fight Arena.

    The highlights of this Feature are as follows:

    • 6 players are required to play this mode in the Fight Arena
    • There will be 2 Teams that fight each other. Each Team has 3 members each. Pick a side and get started!
    • Compete against your Friends and show them who rules in the ring.

    So what are you waiting for? Head on over to our FAQ's section and get the answers to all your questions, then head over to the Arena and get started! Rally your team mates and take on your Rivals!

    Thank you for reading our Blog and have a great day!

    -The Mafia Wars Team.

  • Mobsters,

    Here's your lucky chance to win yourself a ton of FREE RP on Mafia Wars! YES, that's right -  All you need to do is enter the Mob Fury Tag & Tweet Contest! This contest is really simple to do so check out the details below and enter today!

    The Contest starts at 6:00 AM (PST) on October 7th, 2013 and end on October 9th, 2013 at 11:59 PM (PST)


    1. Log into your Facebook account and 'LIKE' Mafia Wars or log into your twitter account and follow @MafiaWars.

    2. On Facebook, type out the status message for the day (you can find the status message for each day below in point #4)

    Next, post your status message. Make sure that Mafia Wars is tagged in your post. These screen shots should help:



    On Twitter, copy paste the status of the day (mentioned under point #4 below)

    3. Post the status/tweet thrice during the day on your profile & then submit your Facebook name/ Twitter handle in this thread to enter the contest once you've completed all the steps --> HERE

    4. Please note that the text for your status message or tweet changes every day. So be sure to post the right messages. Here is a list of messages for each day:

    Day 1 (10/7): "Where there's unity, there is Victory! More updates to follow! Play Mafia Wars NOW: http://zynga.tm/tfU"

    DAY 2 (10/8): "Who will run this town?  They’re armed and dangerous and out on the street. Play Mafia Wars NOW: http://zynga.tm/tfU #StreetTroika"

    DAY 3 (10/9): "Silent and deadly, they will strike with fatal precision! Play Mafia Wars NOW: http://zynga.tm/tfU #GuerillaTriads"

    Make sure to set your post to 'Public' on FB in order for your entry to be verified. Posts that are not set to 'Public' will not be eligible for this Contest!

    See how to set your post to Public in the screen shot below:


    4. Tag 3 friends in your FB Post (your friends can be MW players/ non MW players)

    5. 3 Lucky winners each on Facebook & Twitter will be announced on our Blog once the Contest has ended. Winners will receive the following:

    FB Winners:

    •     1st Place: 100 RP
    •     2nd Place: 75 RP
    •     3RD Place: 50 RP

    Twitter Winners:

    •     1st Place: 100 RP
    •     2nd Place: 75 RP
    •     3RD Place: 50 RP

    Good Luck to all those who enter this brand new Contest and keep playing Mafia Wars

    -The Mafia Wars Team.
  • Greetings Mafiosos,

    Your reward for being a long time VIP Mobster is finally here!



    With the Titanium level of Rewards VIP Membership, you’ll will have a host of benefits to enjoy, including:

    • All Ruby benefits
    • One free Harbinger of Destruction*
    • Ability to purchase a maximum of four additional Harbinger of Destruction
    • One-time bonus of 200 Reward Points
    • +2500 Attack, +2500 Defense added to your mafia strength
    • Receive double punches on your Rewards Card for eligible Reward Point purchases
    • Early access to new game features

    * The Attack and Defense stats of Harbinger of Destruction will increase every week.

     But that’s not all, stay tuned for more exciting updates!

    Keep playing Mafia Wars!

    -The Mafia Wars Team.

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  • Greetings Mobsters,

    Pick an Accomplice and Gain Extra XP From Fights! Receive gifts from your friends and Vault the new Gracias Collection for great Rewards!

    The Accomplice

    What's great about The Accomplice is that you get the chance to gain additional XP from fights in Chicago by partering with friends that play Mafia Wars!

    This is a limited time Event so make sure to get in on all the action before you miss out! The event will start on September 19, 2013 and will end on October 03, 2013 and will be applicable only for Fights in Chicago.

    For the answers to all your questions please make sure to read our detailed FAQ's.

    Keep playing Mafia Wars!

    -The Mafia Wars Team.





  • Hi Mobsters,

    For the first time in MW, we're introducing achievements that give more than 1 skill point for jobs in the Bonus District.

    Check out the new Bonus Jobs in Joburg – South Africa. Master Jobs 1-6 to earn ‘No Smoke Without Fire’ and gain skill points.

    Bonus jobs in bonus district

    Here are the list of achievement levels:



    Play Mafia Wars now!

    -The Mafia Wars Team