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Mafia Wars is the #1 crime genre game with over 7 million players playing daily. Mafia Wars is part of the Zynga family of games. Zynga is the #1 social gaming company on the web. Zynga was founded specifically to add a social element to casual online games because we love games, and we love them most when we're playing with friends! Social games provide a more fun, competitive and contagious experience. Click here to play.
  • He found what he was looking for, only to lose it again. Life is worth more only in death when there's a fortune to inherit!


    - The Mafia Wars Team


    Was he at the wrong place at the wrong time? Or was it the right place? Stay tuned to know more -->http://zynga.tm/buk


  • Hi Mobsters!

    Mafia Wars is eager to bring to you a host of new and exciting features, coming your way soon!

    Watch out for CHALLENGE MISSION: Moscow! Partake in this 9 day event and complete jobs in each succeeding chapter to unveil great rewards. Make sure you earn all 3 exclusive items to become more powerful.

    Hp mod

    Also, in the weeks to come, check out our exciting Team vs. Team feature in the Arena. Stay tuned for more updates on this!


    - The Mafia Wars Team

  • Hi Mobsters!

    Our Mafia Members that are trying to accomplish the Sicilian Vendetta challenge noticed the progress obtained is not being saved or whatever they obtained is not showing on the stats. Mafia Wars Studio is aware of the issue and is investigating a fix.

    There is no need to contact Support about this issue. Please visit our support site for more on this!


    - The Mafia Wars Team

  • Mobsters,

    Here's announcing the winners of Family Icing Season. The rewards have been credited to the winning Family accounts.


    Family ID

    Family Name



     Mafia Wars Gods



     nWo Wolfpac 4 Life






     ṠĄÐÎṠṪ ṀãƒĬã



     [RUS] Russian Mafia Group









     Lucky Luciano



     िlaming ৎwords




    Congratulations to all the winning Families!


    - The Mafia Wars Team


  • Hi Mobsters!

    Most of you would remember that recently, Mafia Wars had organized a charity event with a twist: A Home Away From Home! We had promised that the highest individual contributor for this event would be featured in the game as a Non Playing Character- The Philanthropist. 

    Staying true to our words, we are proud to introduce the winner, Joel Willeby, as the Philantropist in the latest Limited Time Mission Event - Bulletproof Heart.


    Congratulations Joel Willeby. We are glad we could feature you in the game!

    Mobsters, don't forget to check out the Limited Time Mission Event here.


    - The Mafia Wars Team

  • Mobsters,

    The selling/ buying or transfer of Mafia Wars accounts are strictly prohibited as per Zynga’s Terms of Service found here. Such activities hinder the fair play of the game and are highly discouraged by Zynga. If any account is found to indulge in such malpractices, we will take appropriate action that could lead to account suspension, post a thorough investigation of the same.

    We invite fellow players to come forward and report any such accounts or websites that might be encouraging the selling or buying of Mafia Wars accounts here.


    Let’s keep the game clean! Play Fair!


     -The Mafia Wars Team


  •   1

    Try your luck in Lucky Streak to win exclusive items and earn a great Mastery Reward


    Q: When will Lucky Streak start?
    Lucky Streak is a limited time feature which will start on May 31, 2013 6 AM Pacific Time and will be available for 21 days.

    Q: How does it work?
    It is a limited time event where you can try your luck by Spinning the Wheel and win exclusive items. Win all the items labeled for mastery and earn a great Mastery Reward.

    You will be able to see the Lucky Streak module on the Home Page. Click on the “Go Spin” button to start playing.


    Clicking on “Go Spin” will take you to the Lucky Streak Board and you will be able to see the following sections on the game board:



    1. Start Time: This time-stamp indicates the following:
    a. Start Time: The time when you started playing Lucky Streak (while playing for the first time) which, by default is May 31, 2013 6 AM PT.  Please note that the items obtained from spinning in Lucky Streak ONLY beyond this time will be considered for the current Lucky Streak progress/Mastery round.
    b. Restart Time: The time when you re-started the Lucky Streak (after completing the Ruby Mastery) or clicked on the “Reset” button. Please note that the items obtained from spins in Lucky Streak ONLY beyond this time will be considered for the current progress/Mastery round. In other words, items acquired from previous spins in the Lucky Streak (before this time stamp) will NOT be counted for progress in the current Lucky Streak.


    2. Featured Items (required for mastery progress, marked in numbers): Apart from the regular items which you can win using spins, you will be able to see Featured Items (shown below) which will have a number mentioned against them). All of these items will be greyed-out, until you win them after spinning in the Lucky Streak.


    You are required to collect these items (in any order) to be able to progress in the event mastery.


    Once you find any item (including Featured Items) in the Lucky Streak, the Item Slot will show the item image instead of being greyed-out:



    3. Spin Button: Use your spins to play Lucky Streak and win exclusive items.



    4. Progress Bar:  This bar will indicate the progress of items collected for the current Lucky Streak round. When you spin in the Lucky Streak and receive any of the items, you will be notified through a confirmation pop-up. If you have collected a Featured Item, corresponding number will be check marked in the mastery progress bar.



    Please note that the Items won in the Lucky Streak will be highlighted only for the first time you obtain them during a Mastery round.

    If you receive these items again in the same mastery round, they will not be highlighted.


    The Mastery round progress will be visible on the Home Page module as well as on the Lucky Streak board.

    Q: Do I get a Free Spin?
    Yes, for a limited time, you will get 1 free spin per day, which will expire at 23:59 PDT if it goes unused.

    Q: How does the mastery work? What are the Rewards?
    The Featured Items that are labeled with numbers (1, 2, 3 … , 11, 12) are required to achieve the various Mastery levels.

    There are 4 Mastery Levels:

    1. Bronze Mastery: Win items labelled 1, 2, 3 & 4
    2. Silver Mastery: Complete Bronze Mastery and also win items labelled 5, 6 & 7
    3. Gold Mastery: Complete Silver Mastery and also win items labelled 8, 9 & 10
    4. Ruby Mastery: Complete Gold Mastery and also win items labelled 11 & 12

    Mastery Reward item:

    1. Bronze Mastery: Rockstar (185, 232)
    2. Silver Mastery: Rockstar (190, 247)
    3. Gold Mastery: Rockstar (250, 280)
    4. Ruby Mastery: Rockstar (270, 320)

    Every time you reach a particular Mastery Level, you will be notified through a confirmation pop-up:


    Please note that you need to complete the previous level of mastery, in order to be eligible for the next level. Please see the example below:


    Q: Can I restart the Lucky Streak?
    Yes, you can restart the Lucky Streak after completing the Ruby Mastery by clicking on “Reset” button on the Home Page module.


    Q: Why does “Start Time” change after resetting Lucky Streak?
     The Start Time will change as soon as you reset the Lucky Streak. Once you restart the Lucky Streak, items won ONLY beyond the new Start Time will be counted for the current Lucky Streak. Items won in the previous Lucky Streak round before restarting will NOT be counted for progress in the current Lucky Streak Mastery round.


  • Hi Mobsters,

    There seems to be an issue with the recent charity Collector’s Edition item – Eye of Glory, supply numbers. We noticed that the number has been resetting back to 30,000. The team is working on fixing this at the moment and we should have the accurate numbers soon.

    Please stay tuned for an update from us on this.

    Thank you!


    -The Mafia Wars Team

  • Zynga’s Mafia Wars and Direct Relief are joining forces to help those affected by the Oklahoma tornado. Direct Relief is readying emergency relief shipments (medicines, medical supplies, personal care items, nutritional products, infection control, etc.) to support the local nonprofit healthcare providers on the ground caring for the injured and sick in Oklahoma.



    Buy the Collector’s Edition item - Eye of Glory for 40 RP and Zynga will donate 100% of its share of the in-game currency purchase price to Direct Relief. The item comes with 6 Energy points. Contributions are not tax-deductible. This Collector's Edition item will be available for sale from 24th May, 2013 at 00:00 hours to 26th May, 2013 at 23:59:5.

    HERE for more information about this charity event.