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  • Welcome to the Italian Files, where you and your loyal Mafia can work together to complete operations and earn great rewards.

    The Italian Files is a limited time event consisting of 5 operations which can be mastered.

    Q: For how long will The Italian Files be available?
    : The Italian Files will be available through Home Page module till Feb 15th 2013, 11:59 PM Pacific Time.

    Q: How does the Mastery work?
    : There are a total of 15 Operations and 3 Mastery Levels (Bronze, Silver and Gold).

    Click "Start Operation" button to start working on the Operations.

    You will receive Bronze Mastery Reward upon completion of the 5 Easy operations and stats of the Reward Item will be improved to the next Tier as you progress towards higher mastery levels.

    Mastery Reward : Nutshell

    Below are the various Mastery Levels:

    Q: Are there individual Rewards for Operations?
    : Yes, you will receive Rewards for completing each operation before the time runs out. Click on "Collect Reward" button to collect the Rewards after completing an Operation:

    Q: I've done a bunch of jobs and the Italian Files operations did not appear.
    : Italian Files is directly available through Home Page module and Operations page. They will not be triggered from jobs.

    Q: Will finishing other Operations count towards the Italian Files Mastery?
    : No, only the Operations under Italian Files will count for Mastery Reward. The Operations are identified by:

    Q: Can I start over again after achieving Gold Mastery for the Italian Files?
    : No, you can Master the Italian Files to Gold Level only once.
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