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Mafia Wars is the #1 crime genre game with over 7 million players playing daily. Mafia Wars is part of the Zynga family of games. Zynga is the #1 social gaming company on the web. Zynga was founded specifically to add a social element to casual online games because we love games, and we love them most when we're playing with friends! Social games provide a more fun, competitive and contagious experience. Click here to play.
  • News items from September 2012

  • Mobsters,

    To welcome you back, we are giving you Bunch of Prison Keys (x10)

    User-added image

    Please note: If you haven't received a Game Request for this item, please Click here to fill our survey and provide your UID to let our team know.

    Please note that there is no need to submit a support request for this item as Customer Service agents will not be able to make any adjustments or credits to your account for this item.

    You can use these consumables to craft items in Jailbreaker.

    If you have not already added the Bunch of Prison Keys to your inventory, you can locate and add it by following the instructions provided below.

    1. Click  HERE to open the Facebook Game Request Page

    2.  Scroll down and locate the announcement from Mafia Wars about the Mystery Gift and click 'Accept'.

    User-added image

    3.  After you have clicked the accept button you will be taken back to the game and will receive the following pop-up:

    User-added image

    4.  To find the item in your game, please click on the Inventory tab and select Items

    User-added image

    5. Click on Items > Filter and type the item name "Bunch of Prison Keys" to look up for the item

    User-added image

    6. In the results, you will see the updated number of Bunch of Prison Keys (adding 10 items for the Welcome Reward):

    User-added image

    You can use the Bunch of Prison Keys in the Jailbreaker event to craft cool items.

    Please CLICK HERE for FAQs on Jailbreaker event.

    -The Mafia Wars Team

  • Mobsters,

    Indulge yourself in the lap of luxury. Here's your chance to unlock a greater deal every day, for the next seven day!


    Unlock your deal now!

    -The Mafia Wars Team

  •   IAVA Charity Event

    Dear Mafia Wars players,

    Zynga’s Mafia Wars has teamed up with Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) to support veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    IAVA is America's first and largest nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to improving the lives of new veterans and their families. Through providing innovative health, education, employment and community programs to its members, IAVA is helping build the New Greatest Generation of war veterans.

    To help IAVA and their cause, we’ll be releasing a Special Contribution Limited Edition item for purchase - the Steel Cage (Attack 203, Defense 150), available for a limited time from September 22nd – 28th . 100 % of the proceeds from the sale will be contributed towards improving the lives of war veterans and their families.

    For more information, visit http://iava.org/thank-you-your-support and join over 200,000 Member Veterans and Civilian Supporters now!

    Mafia Wars is proud to associate with IAVA in their efforts to support war veterans.

    Donate Now!

    -The Mafia Wars Team

  • Fps CratesFPS Crates are here! Check out the 8 items we've boxed up in the Marketplace!






    FPS Crate Loot Chance Table










     Visit the marketplace now to get FPS Crates!

    -The Mafia Wars Team

  • FS_22


    Ice Season is back! Ice mobsters from the fight list to earn reputation badges and cool rewards.Ice Season: 22 ends on September 18, 2012 by 23:59:59 PST.

    Here are few things to remember:

    • Reputation Badges: Ice players on the fight list to gain icing badges for each season. Badges appear next to your name on the fight list and are awarded at the end of each Season.

    • Earn Mastery tier items by icing players. Collect the final item in each mastery tier to claim a Season reward and move onto the following tier. There are five tiers - Bronze, Silver, Gold, Ruby, and Diamond.

    • Mind your bullying, or else frequent ices against a specific target will be melted so that they won’t count towards the Season.

    Ice the mobsters now!

    -The Mafia Wars Team

  • SD 18

    There are times when one might find a coffee bean laced with blood. That comes from the artistic hands of Carlos Cavalera, the kingpin's second in command. You'll end up in your own grinders if you don't filter him out.

    SD 18 The Decaffeination
    Complete the 9 new Brazil jobs in Secret District: The Decaffeination before it closes at 11:59 PM (Pacific Time) on 9/25 to earn exclusive new loot, including the Plantation Hoe (226/124 at ruby level)!

    Visit the Secret District Now!

    -The Mafia Wars Team


  • Mobsters,

    A set of new players are coming to pick a fight with you. These are mini bosses which will appear in the Fightlist.

    Icing or killing these players will count towards your progression in Iceboards, Family and Fight Seasons. However, you will not be able to view the profile of these players, add them to your rival lists or declare war against them.

    Choose your battles carefully, they could be stronger than you think!

    We will be gradually rolling out this feature to all players.

    Fight Now!

    -Mafia Wars Team

  • Mobsters,

    You've been assigned to a deadly job. Unlock a greater deal every day, for the next seven days!


    Unlock the deal now!

    -The Mafia Wars Team

  • User-added image
    Here's your chance to experience VIP Membership benefits. VIP Membership will be available to players on a free trial for a week. This feature is now rolled out to 100 % players.
    Read on to learn more about this free trial period.

    Q: Is the VIP Membership Trial free for a week?
    Absolutely, you will not be charged for one week of free VIP Membership Trial. This is a great opportunity for players to experience the VIP Membership benefits free for a week.

    Q: I have purchased the monthly VIP Membership earlier; will I be eligible for the Free Trial?
    No, since you have already experienced the VIP Membership benefits, you will not be eligible to sign up for a Free VIP Membership Trial.

    Q: Do I require a Credit Card or a PayPal account to sign up for the Free Trial?
    Yes, you will require a valid Credit Card or a PayPal account to sign up for the Free Trial. However, your credit card will not be charged until the trial period ends. You can cancel the Membership at any time during the trial period.

    Q: Which benefits will I enjoy during the weekly free trial period?
    Sign up and enjoy the following benefits during the trial period:
    - One time delivery of a Limited Edition loot item
    - At least one Skill Point reallocation can be purchased anytime, every day during the 7-Day Free Trial period
    - Extra VIP loot drops from doing jobs, fighting and robbing

    Q: If I cancel my membership during the trial period, do I continue to enjoy free VIP benefits until the trial period is over?
    A: Even if you cancel, you will continue to enjoy the VIP membership free trial benefits until the end of the trial period.

    Q: What will happen after the 7-day Trial Period if I do not cancel my membership before the trial period is over?
    After the 7-day Trial period is over, your free trial will be automatically upgraded to a monthly VIP membership for $24.97 per month.

    Please note that your credit card will be charged $24.97 for the monthly VIP membership if you do not cancel your Trial VIP Membership before the 7 day free trial is over.

    Q: Why did I receive a charge for $1.01 USD from Facebook while signing up for Free VIP Membership Trial ?
    The $1.01 USD is a temporary authorization by Facebook to validate your credit card. This amount will be refunded to your credit card automatically, typically within 3-5 business days. Facebook makes these authorization charges and then immediately invalidates them.

    If the $1.01 remains on your statement for an extended period of time, please contact your bank to ask why the authorization has not been removed even though it has been voided by Facebook.

    Q: Which benefits will I enjoy on auto-upgrade to monthly VIP Membership?
    A: After your Free Trial is upgraded to monthly VIP Membership, you will receive the following benefits:

    - Weekly delivery of 50 Reward Points and exclusive limited edition loot
    - At least one Skill Point reallocation can be purchased anytime, everyday
    - Extra VIP loot drops from doing jobs, fighting, and robbing
    - Bonus +50 Skill Points the first time you sign up LIMITED TIME ONLY
    * Additional VIP benefits are available for the longer you stay subscribed

    Q: How do I sign up for the free trial?
    Follow the below steps to sign up for Free VIP Membership Trial:

    Step-1: Visit the VIP Membership section in the Marketplace and click on “Sign Up Now” button to initiate sign up:

    User-added image

    Step-2: Click on Subscribe to sign up for the Free Trial:

    User-added image

    Step-3: Choose your preferred payment mode (Credit Card/PayPal account). Please note that you will not be charged during the 7-day Free trial

    User-added image

    Step-4: Enter your Credit Card details or PayPal account details and click on Submit:

    User-added image

    Step-5: A confirmation pop-up followed by VIP Membership management screen will confirm the sign up for Free Trial:

    User-added image

    User-added image

    Q: Will I be notified about the Limited Edition loot item received when I sign up for free trial?
    Yes, you’ll receive an in-game pop up notifying the receipt of Limited Edition loot after you sign up for Free Trial. You will receive your next Membership package next week provided that you do not cancel the VIP Membership.

    User-added image

    Q: I do not want to be auto-upgraded to the monthly VIP Membership. How do I cancel the Free Trial?
    Please note that you will not be charged for the initial 7 Days of the free trial beyond which you will be charged $24.97 per month for the monthly VIP Membership.

    Follow the steps below to cancel the Free VIP Membership Trial.

    Please note that even if you cancel, you will continue to enjoy your VIP membership trial benefits until the trial period is over. Cancelation will ensure you are not automatically upgraded to the paid monthly membership at the end of the trial period.

    Step-1: Visit the VIP Membership section in Marketplace and click on Manage Subscriptions:

    User-added image

    User-added image

    Step-2: Click on Subscriptions Details to view options to Manage/Cancel your Free Trial:

    User-added image

    Step-3: Click on Cancel Subscription to initiation cancellation of your VIP Membership Free Trial:

    User-added image

    Step-4: On the next screen, click on Cancel Subscription to cancel the VIP Membership Free trial

    User-added image

    Step-5: On the Facebook prompt pop up, click on Cancel Subscription to cancel the VIP Membership free trial:

    User-added image

    Once you complete the steps above, you will receive a confirmation pop up:

    User-added image

    If you wish to reinstate your subscription, please click on “Reinstate your subscription” to enjoy VIP Membership benefits again.
    User-added image
    Q: How do I reinstate my VIP Membership?
    To reinstate the subscription, please visit VIP Membership section in the Marketplace and click on Manage Subscriptions towards the bottom left.

    User-added image

    Click on the “Subscriptions Details” button to view options to reinstate VIP Membership:

    User-added image

    Click on Reinstate your Subscription button to reinstate VIP Membership:

    User-added image

    Choose the desired payment mode to use with VIP Membership and click on “Reactivate Subscription”:

    User-added image

    After you choose a payment mode and click on Reactivate Subscription, you’ll receive a pop up message confirming the reactivation and an active VIP Membership status will be displayed in the VIP Membership section of Marketplace.

    -The Mafia Wars Team

  • Mobsters,

    When we started the Mafia Wars Iceboard last week, many players suggested that we reward top ranking players.

    We thought it was a great idea!  From this week onwards, the top three ranks globally and the first rank in your Mafia will receive the following prizes. The winners will receive their rewards on Tuesday, Sept 11, 2012. Please note: These rewards are applicable for the current Iceboard season that started on Sept 4, 2012.

    Global Rank


    1st Place-Gold

    Glove Gun ( 129/198)

    2nd Place- Silver

    Glove Gun (126/193)

    3rd Place-Bronze

    Glove Gun ( 123/188)


    Mafia Rank


    1st Place

    Golden Shield  (110/163)

    Iceboard Rewards



















    Read on to learn more about the Iceboard in this FAQ.

    Fight now! Ice ‘em all and rise above the ranks!

    -The Mafia Wars Team