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  • News items from July 2012

  • Daniela's_Deal


    Deposit your Reward Points with Daniela and earn great returns every week. Ask her no questions, she’ll tell you no lies, and you’ll double the money deposited by the end of the deal!

    Please note: We are gradually rolling out this feature and you'll be able to view it in few hours if you haven't already.

    Learn more about Daniela's Deal

    Q: What is the new feature all about?
    Daniela’s Deal is all about earning double the amount of deposited Reward Points through weekly takes.

    Q: How does it work? What are the benefits?
    To seal a deal with Daniela, you need at least 260 Reward Points in your account. Once you deposit 260 Reward Points with Daniela, you will receive 10 Reward Points every week for the next 52 Weeks.

    Q: How does this deal double my Reward Points? When will I start receiving the returns?
    You will receive double the amount of Reward Points in the form of weekly takes of 10 RPs each for 52 consecutive Weeks.

    10 Reward Points (need to collect every week) x 52 Weeks = 520 Reward Points (Double of 260 RPs)
    You will receive the first take of 10 Reward Points as soon as you deposit RPs with Daniela. After the first credit, you will receive 10 RPs every Saturday for the next 51 Weeks. This amount translates to double the amount of Reward Points deposited with Daniela.

    Please note that RPs will not be credited automatically. You will need to visit Marketplace > Daniela’s Deal and click on “Collect” button to collect the weekly take of 10 Reward Points.

    Q: How do I deposit Reward Points with Daniela?
    To deposit Reward Points with Daniela, you need to have a minimum of 260 Reward Points in your account. Please follow the below steps to deposit Reward Points with Daniela:

    Step 1:
    Visit Marketplace and click on “Daniela’s Deal” to deposit the Reward Points with Daniela:

    User-added image

    Step 2:
    Click on the “Seal Deal for 260 RP” button:

    User-added image

    Sealing the deal will deduct 260 Reward Points from your account and those will be deposited with Daniela for Weekly benefits.

    You’ll receive a confirmation pop-up with the first weekly take of 10 Reward Points where you will also be able to buy Limited Edition items.

    User-added image

    Q: How long will the Limited Edition items be available through Daniela’s Deal?
    A: The Limited Edition items will be available through Daniela’s Deal only for 24 hours after you collect your weekly take of 10 Reward Points.

    Q: How would I know the date to collect the next take of 10 RPs?
    Once you have collected the first take of Weekly Reward Points, you will be notified through a countdown timer for subsequent collection times:

    User-added image

    When the timer expires, you will see the option to collect the weekly take:

    User-added image

    Q: What if I am unable to collect my 10 Weekly RPs in a particular week? Will these get added to next week’s take?
    The weekly take of 10 Reward Points cannot be carried forward to the next week. If you are unable to collect the weekly take for a particular week, you will lose the take for that week.

    Q: Can I request a partial withdrawal of deposited Reward Points from Daniela’s Deal?
    Reward Points deposited with Daniela cannot be refunded or partially withdrawn. 

    Q: Can I opt out or cancel this deal after I deposit Reward Points?
    No, you cannot opt out of the deal once you have made the deposit.

    Q: Can I deposit more than 260 RPs or deposit multiple times to be eligible for a higher weekly take?
    No, you can deposit 260 Reward Points with Daniela only once.

     Visit Marketplace to Seal the Deal with Daniela!

    -Mafia Wars Team

  • QE_40_Riches_to_Rags

    Lisa Jenning says,""That which is on paper can be burned." Complete Mission Event: Riches To Rags by 11:59 PM (Pacific Time) on 8/11 to earn the Auctioneer (192/120).

    We are gradually rolling out this feature so many of you may not be able to view it at the moment.

    Play Mafia Wars Now

    -The Mafia Wars Team

  • Mobsters,

    We have some bug fixes to report! Before we get to the details, though, please continue to report any bugs you encounter in our "Report a Bug" forum, as it helps us prioritize their fixes for you. Also, detailed reproduction steps help us more quickly determine the reason behind an issue, so we always encourage you to include them.

    Thanks again to everyone who submitted the bug reports that helped us close these issues!

    - The Mafia Wars Team   


    'Rob Squad' not displayed under Robbing
    Issue:Some players reported that they were not able to see the 'Rob Squad' under the robbing tab.
    Status: Resolved around 6:50 AM on July 24,2012. If you are still experiencing this issue, please reply to this forum thread with your answers to the questions found there.   


    Game fails to launch via Hit-List email notification.
    Issue:When user A sets a bounty on user B, user B gets the Hit-list notification via an e-mail. When user B clicks on the link, the game fails to load and is unable to attack the opponent.
    Status: Resolved around 7:33 AM on July 23,2012. If you are still experiencing this issue, please reply to this forum thread with your answers to the questions found there.  


    Family Progression - First 20 Artillery Shells Accepted In A Day Counts To Progression
    Issue: Some players report that only the first 20 gifted Artillery Shells accepted in a day contribute to their Family Progression. This is by design.
    Status: Resolved around 7:34 AM on July 24,2012. If you are still experiencing this issue, please reply to this forum thread with your answers to the questions found there. 


  • Mobsters,

    The Don's making you an offer you cannot resist.


    Unlock Your Deals Now!

    -The Mafia Wars Team

  • Mobsters,

    Many of you requested us to increase the cap on the number of loots you could gift to your Mafia per day.

    We took your suggestion into consideration and now you we have increased the cap on gifting the loots to your Mafia from 85 to 110!

    We welcome your feedback on this change via this very quick survey and hope that you continue to enjoy Mafia Wars.

    Play Mafia Wars Now!

    -The Mafia Wars Team

  • Family Boss Fight: Mimi La Noir

    Use the collaborative strength of your family to show her that Mimi LaNoir not as dangerous as she thinks she is, and be among the top contributors to the fight for a chance to receive the Quick Draw (203/203) when your family beats her!

    Family Boss Fights pit your entire family against an epic boss. In the case of Mimi La Noir, you'll have 7 days to reduce her 1,000,000 health to zero once the fight is initiated. Once these 7 days are over or whenever the timer runs out on a Family Boss Fight, the boss' health resets and you will have another chance to prove that your family is in charge. This time it will be available until 25th September, 2012 which increases your chances to win more rewards!

    If you're not familiar with how Family Boss Fights work, be sure to read our introductory post, otherwise get in there and show Mimi La Noir what your family's made of!

    PS: Help us make better Mafia Wars features and events by completing this very quick survey to let us know what you think of this one.

    -The Mafia Wars Team

  • Mobsters,

    We’re giving the power to you to choose what's best for you.

    This is your ultimate chance to build or upgrade high stats items as many times as you can.  Upgrade or Build, the choice is yours!
    Q: Is there a minimum level requirement?
    A: Yes, to be able to craft items in Ripped Rims, a player must be a minimum of level 50.

    Q: For how long will the feature be available?
    A: Ripped Rims will be available for a period of 7 days (From July 24th Midnight Pacific time to July 30th 23:59 Pacific Time)
    Q: What do I need to craft items in Ripped Rims? How does the feature work?
    A: In order to craft items in Ripped Rims, you’ll need to earn Rim Spinners in any of the following ways:
    Feed Posts: You can earn up to 30 parts per day by having your friends click on your feeds. One Feed post can get you a maximum of 10 parts in a day.
    You can post a feed every 2 hours (provided you have not collected the daily limit of 30 parts already). In addition, you can earn up to 10 parts per day by clicking on your friends' feeds.
    Jobs: Get up to 5 parts a day as loot drops while doing jobs.
    The daily limit timers reset at 00:00:00 AM PST.

    The total number of unused Rim Spinners (building parts) in your account will be displayed in the “Parts Owned” section of the Feature:

    User-added image

    You can also purchase Rim Spinners using Reward Points.

    Using the available parts in your account, you can both queue any of the 2 craftable items for building (increasing the total number of items obtained at the end of the event) and upgrade the level of items (build better items with higher stats).  Read further for details.
    You can choose any combination of builds and upgrades.

    User-added image

    Q: Which items are available for Building? Is there a Maximum limit on number of items I can craft?
    A: There are 2 Items which you can build and upgrade using the parts available in your account:

    1. Big Spinning (Better Mafia Attack Strength and adds +1 and +2 Personal Attack stats when on Ruby and Emerald level)

    2. Spina Spin (Better Mafia Defense Strength and adds +1 and +2 Personal Defense stats when on Ruby and Emerald level)
    There is no limit on the amount of items you can craft from this feature as long as you have the required building parts on your account within the time limit of the event (July 24th Midnight Pacific time to July 30th 23:59 Pacific Time).
    Q: How do I use the available parts to upgrade the level of the item? What are the different Tiers available?
    A: Using the available parts in your account, you can perform 2 actions:

    1. Build: Click on the Build to add an item to building queue. (Please note that you’ll be able to collect the items you have crafted only after the event ends.

    2. Upgrade: Click on the Upgrade button to upgrade the item level to the next tier.
    There will be 5 upgrade tiers available for both the items - Bronze (default), Silver, Gold, Ruby and Emerald.
    Below table shows the number of parts required to upgrade the item strength:

    User-added image

    The cost of upgrading or building one item will not change the cost of upgrading or building the other item. Upgrading an item improves all copies of that item, including those already queued for building.
    The number of parts required to build items are as follows:
    User-added image

    Q:  Can I reallocate the parts used for building to upgrade an item and vice-versa?
    A: Allocation of parts for used for either building or upgrading an item is final. You cannot re-allocate the parts once you decide to build/upgrade an item.
    Q: I used the parts to “Build” items, but those were not added to my inventory.
    A: Please note that you will not receive items in your inventory while the event is running. You will need to collect the items at the end of the event.
    Q: If I "Build" some items and spend parts to "Upgrade" later, does it upgrade all the "built" items?
    A: Yes, you can use the "Build" / "Upgrade" options in any order you want.

    For example: If you have already built 10 items on Bronze Tier and use 10 parts to upgrade them to Silver, all the 10 built items will be upgraded to Silver Tier.

    Q: When can I collect the items which are queued for building? What if I have unused parts left in my account?
    A: Once the “Collect After:” timer ends (July 31st 00:00 AM onwards), you will see an option to collect from the event and will no longer be able to earn additional parts.

    (Click on the Image to enlarge)

    User-added image

    You’ll get 5 additional days from July 31st Midnight Pacific Time to use the remaining parts or to purchase parts and build/upgrade items if you wish to do so.
    Clicking on Collect will open another window with more options:

    (Click on the image to enlarge)
    User-added image

    Q: Can I build/upgrade more items after I click on the “Collect” button?
    No, after Collecting the items from event, the event will end for you and you will be unable to build/upgrade more items. Any unused parts will be lapsed at the end of the Event (after clicking the Collect button).

    -The Mafia Wars Team

  • Mobsters,

    Due to the technical issues that occurred on July 21st 2012,many players weren’t able to play Mafia Wars for few hours. We are extending the end date of the following events by a day so that you can complete it on time.

    Secret District: By the Bookie

    Current end date: 8/5 23:59:59 PST

    New end date: 8/6 23:59:59 PST

    Secret District: The Obelisk of Sao Paolo

    Current end date: 7/26 23:59:59 PST

    New end date: 7/27 23:59:59 PST

    Mafia Poker

    Current end date: 7/25 23:59:59 PST

    New end date: 7/26 23:59:59 PST

    Robbing Spree

    Current end date: 7/27 23:59:59 PST

    New end date: 7/28 23:59:59 PST

    Play Mafia Wars.

    -The Mafia Wars Team

  • Submarine CratesSubmarine Crates are here! Check out the 8 items we've boxed up in the Marketplace.Live beneath the waves..great loots up for grabs!






    Submarine Crate Loot Chance Table


    Need Knife
    Need Knife
    Typhoon Sub
    Typhoon Sub
    Steinke Hood
    Steinke Hood


    Submarine Sailor
    Submarine Sailor
    Red Navy
    Red Navy


    Frilled Shark
    Frilled Shark
    Submarine Officer
    Submarine Officer

    -The Mafia Wars

  •  Mobsters,

    A rich neighborhood is every robber's dream.You are the perfect person for the job. Rob houses and make a run for it. Be cunning or you could get caught.

    Are you up for the challenge?


    Learn more about Robbing Spree

     Q: How do I play Robbing Spree?
    Robbing Spree is a time limited game where you rob the houses in a Block, looking for awesome loot while trying to evade getting caught. You get caught when you trigger 3 Alarms for a Block.
    You need 10 Knob Wrenches to enter a block and start the game. Mouse over a House and:

      - Click on the "Peek" button and spend Knob Wrenches to see what lies inside the House
      - Click on the "Rob" button and use Stamina to rob the House
    You can take a chance and either Rob the House blind or Peek inside to make sure there are no alarms. A house can have up to two alarms and a Block may have multiple houses with Alarms.
    Triggering three alarms will end your robbing spree, and cause you to lose your haul.
    If you're satisfied with your haul, and you don’t want to risk losing it by triggering alarms, click on the "Grab Haul" button. Your game will end, and you'll ensure that your haul is safe.
    User-added image
    Q: Is there a minimum level requirement to play this feature?
    Yes, a player needs to be at least on Level 15 to be able to play this feature.

    Q: Do I require any parts to play this feature?
    Yes, you would require Knob Wrench to play this feature. You need 10 Knob Wrenches to enter a Block and 3 of them for each Peek.

    Q: How can I get Knob Wrenches?
    : You can obtain the part - Knob Wrench through various modes which include Requests, Feeds, Jobs and buying the parts using Reward Points. Below are the details:

    Requests: You can get 20 Knob Wrenches by accepting Requests from your friends. Once you have accepted 20 requests in a day, the excess Knob Wrenches lying in your request box will be converted to Blue Mystery bags.
    Feed Posts: You can post a feed every 2 hours and get a maximum of 5 Knob Wrenches per feed when your friends click on it. You can earn up to a total of 20 Knob Wrenches per day. Please note that once you have collected 20 items from your feed posts in a day, you will still be able to post the feeds but will not receive the parts until the daily limit timer resets. The daily limit timers reset at 00:00 AM PST.
    For example: If you posted consecutive feeds from 6:00 AM to 02:00 PM Pacific Time and collected 5 parts from each of them (5x4 Feed posts = 20 Parts), you will reach the daily limit. You will not receive parts any further till Midnight (Pacific Time) of the same day (as the daily limit timer resets at Midnight Pacific Time).
    By clicking on your friends’ Feed posts: You can earn up to 5 Knob Wrenches per day by clicking on the feed posts published by your friends.
    Jobs: You can get up to 5 Knob Wrenches per day as loot drops while doing jobs.
    Q: Is this a time limited feature?
    Yes, the event will last for 10 days starting July 18th 2012. Knob Wrenches can be collected through requests, feeds and jobs only during the first 7 days of the event (till July 24th). However, with the new date extensions, you can collect it until July 25th.

    Q: How many houses will be available in a block to rob?
    There will be 25 houses available in a block to rob. Please note that your Stamina will be consumed when you perform robbing.

    Q: Which items can I receive by robbing?
    You can receive the following items from the rob blocks:

    Knob Wrenches:  Use this to Peek, start a new game, or enter a new block.

    Half Skill Points:  Find the other half before you click on "Grab Haul" to get 1 full Skill Point. Please note that you need to collect the other half part of skill point from the same Block. Once you click on “Grab Haul”, all the items from that particular Block will be collected and you will start all over again.

    User-added image

    Energy/Stamina Refill:  Refills 5% of your maximum Energy/Stamina.

    City Cash:  London Pounds to help you master the city of London.

    Boosts:  3 Absinthe, 3 Jukebox, 3 Vampire Batting and 3 Ruthless

    Items:  There are special items which you can Rob:

    Falkland Islands Wolf

    User-added image
    Gooey Choco
    User-added image
    Lights Out
    User-added image

    You can Rob the same item again (in the same Block) to increase the level of mastery.
    Below are the different levels of Mastery:
    User-added image

    Q: What is an Alarm?
    A: When you Rob a house, it is possible that you trigger any one of the following alarms, please make use of Peek option to see what’s inside a house before you rob it.

    Alarm:  Triggers a single alarm.

    User-added image

    2x Alarm:  Triggers two alarms.

    User-added image

    As soon as you activate an Alarm, the alarm counter on the top of the game window will be activated. If you activate 3 alarms, you will lose your Robbing Spree and your haul from that block.

    Alarm Status:

    User-added image

    User-added image
    Q: How do I use the Peek option?
    The Peek option allows you to see what lies inside a house. Use it to detect alarms inside the house and evade them. Using “Peek” costs you 3 Knob Wrenches

    User-added image

    If you happen to detect an Alarm, do not click on Rob. Doing so will activate the alarm.

    User-added image

    If you discover an Alarm after using the Peek option, proceed to the next house without clicking on Rob.

    Q: Is there a limit on the number of blocks I can Rob or the number of times I can use Peek?  
    There is no limit on the number of blocks you can Rob or number of times you can use the Peek option, as long as you have enough parts (Knob Wrenches) in your account.

    Q: Will I receive the loot as soon as I Rob?
    No, the items will not be credited to your inventory unless you collect the loot using “Grab Haul” button for every Block. Please remember that activating 3 Alarms in a Block will end the game and you will not be able to collect from that particular Block.

    Q: How is the item mastery calculated? Will I get one of each Mastery item when I grab my haul?
    If you are able to Rob an item more than once in the same Block, the mastery stats of that item will increase.

    You’ll only receive one item with the maximum mastery level achieved:
    For example: If you are able to Rob 5 Lights Out on the same block, you will receive the Emerald Level Lights Out and rest all Lights Out items (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Ruby) will be greyed out as shown below:

    User-added image

    After you click on Grab Haul, the item(s) will be added to your inventory and a confirmation message will be displayed:

    User-added image


    We welcome your feedback on this feature via this very quick survey and hope that you continue to enjoy Mafia Wars.

    -The Mafia Wars Team