About Mafia Wars

Mafia Wars is the #1 crime genre game with over 7 million players playing daily. Mafia Wars is part of the Zynga family of games. Zynga is the #1 social gaming company on the web. Zynga was founded specifically to add a social element to casual online games because we love games, and we love them most when we're playing with friends! Social games provide a more fun, competitive and contagious experience. Click here to play.
  • Item_wagon_400 Starting Friday at 12:01 AM PST, Mafia Wars will team up with the Huntington's Disease Society of America (HDSA) to raise funds to support research for the neurological disorder. We will run a one-week campaign to purchase a limited edition War Wagon (77 attack, 43 defense) for 35 Reward Points through Oct. 21.

    One hundred percent of net proceeds will go towards the HDSA's Coalition for a Cure, a research program made of scientists from around the world who have made key discoveries surrounding Huntington’s Disease and who are developing therapy treatments. The neurological disorder, which leads to a loss of muscle coordination and dementia, affects 1 in every 10,000 people and strikes both men and women equally.

    Mafia Wars teamed up with the HDSA six months ago. We ran a five-day campaign in which more than 24,000 users raised over $100,000 by purchasing an exploding teddy bear. Currently there is no cure for the debilitating disease. Help support research to find a cure with a purchase of the War Wagon. Visit the Marketplace!

    UPDATE: This event has been extended until Monday, 10/25/2010